Talking with your patients

Informing patients about proper oral healthcare is important, but appointment time is limited. You can maximize your time through these patient education resources that reinforce the oral care routine and show patients that, when they are on-the-go, chewing sugarfree gum is one more tool that can help protect their teeth.

Patient education resources


VIDEO: A Look at Sugarfree Gum and Oral Care - For Your Patients

A Look at Sugarfree Gum and Oral Care - For Your Patients

Show patients how chewing sugarfree gum after eating or drinking, when on-the-go and brushing isn’t possible, restores plaque pH and helps protect teeth.


The Oral Care Routine Kit:

patient leaflet

A patient leaflet that reinforces the oral care routine and explains the benefits of adding sugarfree chewing gum to patients’ existing oral care routine, when on-the-go

Download 1.7M PDF »

A patient flyer offers a two-sided, easy to copy reference for patients explaining how sugarfree gum can help keep teeth healthy

Download 1M PDF »

An appointment reminder card lets patients know when it is time for their next check-up and reminds them of the four key oral care routine steps

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A dental office poster can be kept in the practice room and shared with patients as appropriate when talking about the benefits of chewing gum

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Please contact us to request local patient education resources.