Putting Our Principles into Action

Through Wrigley’s principles-based approach, we maintain a constant focus on commitments to Quality, Responsibility, Mutuality, Efficiency and Freedom so that we can make a difference to people and the planet through our performance.

Wrigley believes we can and must play a positive role for everyone our business touches. Part of our commitment to people is our commitment to oral care. The Wrigley Oral Healthcare Program partners with dental associations worldwide to promote an understanding of the oral care benefits of chewing sugarfree gum among oral care professionals, as well as better oral health among local communities.

  • In China, we partnered with the Ministry of Health to provide educational materials and oral care kits to 3,900 families nationwide
  • In 2011 we launched the European Platform for Better Oral Health, intended to help improve oral healthcare and reduce the cost of oral diseases in Europe. The platform is the result of a diverse group of oral care stakeholders including leaders in public health, dental and corporate entities, who are responding to the growing oral health challenge in Europe
  • Twenty-thousand students and adults have received dental check-ups as part of the Orbit Dentibus program in Poland
  • Wrigley’s partnership with the State Dentistry Center in Latvia has provided more than 9,000 children with free dental exams via two mobile clinics
  • In Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, the “Tooth and Friends” program has made oral health education fun. More than 50,000 school children have received oral care focused workbooks or comic books

For more information visit our global principles in action page.